Mike Davis Pisses Me the F&@K Off!!!!

**This post will be very biased because I am a Carolina alumni and was at this game**

This is a pic taken from 2nd and goal at the 2 as Mike Davis gets the carry for the go-ahead score…so I thought

What kind of rocket scientiest does it take to see that the entire left side of the field is WIIIIIIIIIIDE OPEN???? I mean seriously, does he not have enough vision by his senior year to know to bounce it outside on this play?? 1st and Goal from the 2…and Carolina can’t convert. We have a starting running back that thinks he’s superman and decides to jump for the goal line over several Georgia defenders, stretch the ball out instead of protecting it, all from 4 yards away from paydirt. Does he score you ask? Helllll no…not even close. The ball is exposed, Georgia forces a fumble and recovers for a touchback, taking the life out of Carolina and it’s fans in the process. Georgia comes into this game undefeated and ranked 2nd nationally. Carolina comes into the game unranked with a record of 1-1 after a disappointing loss to Vanderbilt last week. Noone was giving Carolina a snowball’s chance in hell to win this game except some of the sunshine pumping Carolina fans, who always think the grass is greener than it really is. To lose this way in the 4th quarter of a game that was well within their grasp is unacceptable. To cap off a very impressive drive by the offense who finally started clicking in the second half of this game with a bonehead bullshit move on Davis’ part is something I’m having a hard time dealing with. Carolina was 2 yards away from tying Georgia late in the game on a first and goal and completely blew it.

Hey Mike, judging by this pic maybe you should spend the week doing calf raises to add that extra 10 feet you needed in the air to make it in the end zone on Saturday….we might need it against Wofford next week.


One Response to Mike Davis Pisses Me the F&@K Off!!!!

  1. SEC REF says:

    That’s me in the stripes on the goal line, had he thought about scoring i would have tackled him myself. Me and the other guys dressed up like zebras tried to screw with carolina all game (ex. pass interference on a pass that was thrown short 10 yards against a db and wr that had no contact) finally I lucked up and mike davis fumbled instead of me having to blow our cover and go in for the tackle myself.

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