NFL referee Ed Hochuli “blew it”

Jay Cutler clearly fumbled the ball on the Bronco’s last drive of the game, and was recovered by San Diego within the final 2 minutes to win the game right? Wrong. Head referred Ed Hochuli called the play an incomplete pass when he saw Cutler’s arm going forward and whistled the play dead immediately, inevitably meaning the fumble recovery by the Chargers was meaningless. Hochuli knew he blew the call as soon as he watched the replay. He said afterward

“All we can do to fix it is put the ball at the spot that it hit the ground, which is why we moved it back to the 10-yard line and the down counts and it becomes third down,”

Afterwards, Cutler threw a touchdown pass to Eddie Royal in the back of the endzone. The only thing that was left was to kick the extra point to tie the game and send it to overtime in Denver. Shanahan thought different, held up 2 fingers and told his offense to take the win now…

”Sometimes you have to go with your gut,” Shanahan said. ”I just felt like it was a chance for us to put them away. I didn’t want to count on the coin flip. I wanted to do it then, and obviously it worked out.”

It sucks to see a game like this be tainted because of a blown call…you better lock it up Ed, I’m sure Norv is already calling for your job as we speak


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