Down Goes “The” Ohio State University….Again

This is a picture perfect scene of how the game between Ohio St. and USC went Saturday night…complete dominance by Southern Cal while knocking the life out of the Buckeyes by a score of 35-3. I heard a quote on ESPN the radio earlier in the week leading up to this game that clearly described what happened…Greenberg said “Its going to be like a locomotive hitting a mini cooper.” Southern Cal routed Ohio State in every facet of this game, clearly flexing their muscles as the nation’s number 1 team. Ohio State didn’t even deserve to be on the same field as the Trojans, and could not get anything going offensively without their Heisman hopeful Beanie Wells on the field. The number 5 team in the nation only gained a total of 207 yards of offense on day, and proved once more than they cannot execute in a big game in the national spotlight.

The SEC has proven twice that life outside the Big Ten isn’t so easy for the Buckeyes (Florida ’06 & LSU ’07), now the Pac Ten displays once more that Ohio State is nowhere close to being ready to contend for a national title.


One Response to Down Goes “The” Ohio State University….Again

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t forget about back to back losses to Lou Holtz’ fighting gamecocks

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