Dumbass Desean

There is no bigger stage for a rookie to make a statement than Monday Night Football on ESPN in Dallas. Desean Jackson did just that, and will be on every blooper highlight reel for the next 20 years because of this hilarious display of early celebration. Jackson caught a strike by McNabb and had his first sure MNF touchdown, all he had to do was walk across the endzone….But no. He provided the millions of viewers with a laugh out loud blooper, thoroughly embarassing himself and his team on football primetime. Look at him below doing his dance in the endzone hahahahahaha.

What makes it even funnier is that this isn’t the first time Desean has tried to showboat his way into the endzone, only to screw it up royally…check out this pic of him in the Army high school football all-star game where he tried to do a flip into the endzone and busted his ass at the 1!


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