Livin the High Life at 9am

What you’re looking at right now is defeat people…by the avenue of 9 high lifes in 15 minutes on Saturday morning!

So me and my buddies at work thought it would be interesting to get a little outdoors ping pong/beerfest tourney going one Saturday.  My friend Chid here and I decide to make this a little more interesting by wagering a beer for whoever was in the lead after every serve change (thats every 5 points for those that aren’t up on their ping pong officiating).  Chid here said “lets make this challenging, and make the beer of choice the champagne of beers….the high life!”  Let me remind you that this began at 9am…on a Saturday.  So I naturally accept the challenge purely based on the sheer hilarity that could come of this event if I get a lead and keep it that way.

What transpired that morning was one for the books.  Chid surprised me by holding his own through the first set of 5 points, he lead 3-2, and I cracked my first high life…kaaashhhhhh…there is no better sound….but there is no worse taste!  I battled back and took the next set, Chid drank…and I won the next set, and the next set, and the next set…Chid is about 7 high lifes deep in a matter of about 10 minutes when the score is 19-12.  This is where it gets good!  The crowd yells out “start sandbaggin him!!!” So I do just that, and he proceeds to give me the look of “f*ckin A,” cracks 2 more and struggles through them before I close him out 21-18.  Chid has just started his usual Saturday he tells me.

Game, Set, and Match.


One Response to Livin the High Life at 9am

  1. TJ says:

    by god that’s a disaster waiting to happen!

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