WAFS…What a Bunch of Fun Nazis

What is WAFS you ask? Women Against Fantasy Sports. This takes the cake for me. I love fantasy football just as much as the next guy does, and a lot of it has to do with kicking my coworker’s or friend’s ass and letting him hear about it on Monday. I’m fortunate enough to have a woman that loves football and watches it with me on the weekends without any complaints. Others, it looks like, are not so lucky…check out this post on their forum from one of the poor guys:

So basically I love sports and fantasy sports. My wife knew this when we got married, but after a year of marriage she told me she was leaving me becuase of it. I told her I would limit to football only and drop out of fantasy baseball, golf, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, tennis and Olympic Badminton. She said it was too late and she was already fucking some other guy who hates fantasy sports.

Why all the hate? Fantasy sports are a lot of fun and help us cope with the mundaneness of coming home to nagging and increasingly less attractive ladies like yourselves day after day. Seems to me fantasy sports should be a good thing in your eyes.

They have a whole section of their site dedicated to “best ways to ruin his draft day.” What the hell is the problem with getting together at hooters for several hours, downing pitchers of Miller, eating a shit ton of wings, and picking a few football players that are going to take you to the promise land this year? They even threaten to lock themselves up from August to February. In case you can’t read the writing, it says “CLOSED for the Fantasy Season.”

I’m thankful I don’t have a pyscho bitch that plots like this when football comes around…I feel for the ones that aren’t as fortunate


One Response to WAFS…What a Bunch of Fun Nazis

  1. Sleazy E says:

    Obviously, you had me in mind when you posted this shit. Yeah, so what if the crotch fruit is closed for the season, yeah so I had to phone in all of my picks from the house while you jackasses poked fun at me at Hooters. Fuck me I need a beer now……thanks for making me depressed again. Where the fuck is the hose pipe….

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