Cassel is NO Brady

I woke up this morning to the sound of Joey Porter saying, “beating the Patriots without Brady shouldn’t be that hard. This should be a good opportunity to get our first win.” Along with the rest of the world outside the Dolphin Organization I laughed and turned the channel. Well if you haven’t heard the Dolphins beat the shit out of the Patriots. Let me show you what not only you missed but the Patriots did also.

With a 21 game regular season win streak going against a team that has only won once in there last 21 games this should have been no contest. And it wasn’t, Ronnie Brown not only ran for 4 TD’s he had a better passer rating than Matt Cassel.

With Tom Brady as the starting QB they are argubly the best team this Decade. With Matt Cassel as the starting QB they are the next post on YOUARESTRUGGLING.COM


One Response to Cassel is NO Brady

  1. Sleazy E says:

    The Patriots D should be the very next entry into the Struggle. Not only did the Dolphins beat them, but beat them with an offense designed for and implemented for JV or 7th-8th grade football. I am a football fanatic, played most of my life. But when a professional football team gets beat with a WING T offense, hang your shit up. Three direct snaps to Ronnie Brown. WING T!!!! Back in little league, before the internet and chat craze, he called it WTF…Wing T fundamentals. Professional….WTF is what the fuck!!

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