Smelley Smells Like Shit Against Wofford

Again, let me remind you I am a Carolina Alum, and was at Williams Brice for this game as well unfortunately. Here is my rant…

One thing I’ve determined in the 4 Carolina games I’ve watched (or should I say endured) this season is that we do not have a quarterback consistent enough for SEC competition…hell we don’t have one consistent enough for SOCON competition by the way things looked Saturday night. Once again, I chose to attend this game in hopes of seeing some bright spots on offense. You can imagine my “here we go again” statement being almost on queue with our first play from scrimmage being an easy pick for Wofford’s secondary. Smelley might as well have gift wrapped it and had it delivered right to the spot where the 6 gold helmets were waiting. It seemed almost planned, and to be honest, almost expected from those in attendance. Maybe there has been just enough turnovers at this point in the season where it just comes with the territory for Carolina fans.

Heres a rundown on what went through my head as the first play of this game unfolded…

Alright here we go, starting out the first play of the game with a pass, lets get it down field and start a good drive. Hopefully we can put some points up early…

What the fuck. Does he see the same amount of white jerseys and gold helmets as I do??? 6…count em…6! Thats pathetic, absolutely pathetic. I sit down, and do not stand back up for the entire game after this…except to take a piss at halftime. An offense that operates at the same pace as my grandpa walking to the mailbox…terrific.

Yes, you are correct. That is 6 people around Moe Brown not wearing garnet. **Thought it was necessary to add this pic in to really show how pissed off I was when watching the replay of this game, and my inability to understand how he thought it was a good idea to throw the football anywhere near this area**

The quarterback performance against a mediocre, inferior opponent this past weekend was embarrassing to watch. Almost like watching the first weeks of American Idol…its bad, you’re embarrassed for him and its difficult to watch…but then again, you can’t stop.

Here are Smelley’s stats for the game…

South Carolina Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int
C. Smelley 23 33 204 69.7 6.2 2 15 1 2

Again, mediocre stats from a quarterback that struggled with executing against a division 1-AA defense. With SEC play resuming in 2 weeks, there needs to be a sense of urgency from Spurrier regarding the quarterback position. How many games is it going to take until Garcia gets his chance?  Regardless of his past, the point is this…we have seen all that Smelley can give us, we have seen his ceiling so to speak. We do not know exactly how Garcia will respond to the pressure, but everyone keeps talking about how he brings charisma and swagger to the offense (which I don’t see how his high school football play is relevant to SEC play, but he is said to have the intangibles to provide an offensive spark). Smelley is struggling, and I don’t have the patience to watch him fall apart again. Even though Spurrier says Garcia doesn’t know the entire offense yet, hell who wants the entire offense when what he have seen looks like a bag of ass? Let the kid play, maybe he’ll know to throw the ball into an area where the chances of his receiver catching the ball are better than 1/7.


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