Damn it Mike

I certainly can’t change anything, but as a Tarheel Fan I have the right to be upset about it.

Who is that cool person in this picture you ask, let me tell you. He is the backup QB for the University of North Carolina, Mike Paulus. Mike practiced and trained with the first team all off season while TJ Yates was recovering from surgery. That didn’t seem to do a damn bit of good. UNC was 2-0 and leading the defending ACC champions Virgina Tech Hokies 17-3 in the 3rd quarter. On 1 play with UNC driving TJ has to be helped to the sidelines. In at QB enters super cool Mike Paulus.

Well he wasn’t cool for long. The UNC lead is gone in no time. I admit it was not all his fault, but when a team starts to struggle they look to their QB for leadership and confidence; to put together a drive to take some time off the clock, to find a way to get the win. This kid came in and looked like a deer in head lights. And with him the team went down.

I just got the news today that TJ is out 6 weeks. Son of a BITCH. I can’t handle this for 6 weeks after getting a glimpse of what could be. The only good thing this kid has done so far is not follow his brother to Dook. I hope he settles down and proves me wrong but he is facing a young and fast Miami team this weekend. Thank god we are not in the SEC.


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