Urban Meyer Has a Man Crush

Urban Meyer took a big gamble on the most important play of the game against Ole Miss this week, and screwed up royally.  The Gators were trailing 31-30 late in the 4th quarter after a blocked extra point, and managed to force a turnover to get the ball back.  They march down the field with under a minute left all the way down to the 32 yard line…after a failed 3rd down attempt, Meyer decides to go for it on 4th and a long 2.  He spins his patented Meyer offensive play wheel and decides to go Tebow to the right…and doesn’t even come close.  Ole Miss stacked the box and came up with the biggest stop of the season after not allowing Tebow to gain even the slightest inch.  I guess Urban has 0 confidence in his kicker to pass up on a potential game winning 49 yard field goal attempt, or he just has a serious man-crush on Tebow and said “fuck it, tim will get it” and put his Dr. Evil pinky up.  My guess is its the latter of the 2. 

“Its ok Coach…me and my daddy’s sister’s cousin’s husband still love you no matter what. Damn Cletus, these Jorts are makin my nuts overlap the seam.” “Wooooo…Go Gaytahs…Hand me anotha Natty”


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