Clemson Coaching, So Easy Even a Caveman Could Do It!

With a preseason # 9 Ranking and on paper one of the most talented teams in the nation a caveman could not have screwed this up more.  But with Tommy as the head coach, Clemson fans seem to be getting used to it.  Even though I was keeping up with the Tarheels beating Miami on my phone, I was there to witness this 2nd half meltdown Clemson fans have come to expect.  In the first half Clemson looked like a power house winning 17-6, while only giving up those 6 points on a fumbled punt and backwards pass.  The defense looked great and offense looked unstoppable with 195 yards rushing in the first half.

Im not sure what happened at half time but from what I could tell there was no coaching involved.  I think it went like this.

” Way to go team you ran the same 2 plays over and over and made me look so good.  That bubble screen and shotgun hand off worked great.  Assistant coaches do whatever you do, Im going to leave so I can go eat a Bratsworth and a non alcoholic beer before we go back out.”

I just don’t understand what it will take for them to fire Tommy.  No Tommy didn’t fumble the punt and no Tommy didn’t throw the pass behind the line but Tommy also didn’t prepare his team and light a fire under there ass at half time.  Next time he should send his team into the video conference room and make a call to Dr. Lou, it can’t get any worse.


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