The Ballad Of A MNF Bitch Slap

Monday Night Football seems to always provide quality material for this site, and this week didn’t disappoint.  The game started out with the announcers referencing a text message that Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall supposedly sent to a Raven that said he was going to have a great night against their defense, and would surely rush for over 100 yards.  The Ravens defense took this as 1 more reason to knock the shit out of every Steeler that came in their way, and that started with the opening kickoff.  The first play of the game a Steeler was knocked out and had to be carted off the field after a Raven blocked him into oblivion.  This set the tone for a very physical Monday night game just 4 seconds into it.

Shortly after the first knockout, Steelers WR Santonio Holmes made a little celebration (same motion a basketball ref makes when he wants to say count the basket) after a play that didn’t sit too well with Ravens LB Antwan Barnes. Thus giving us “The Ballad of a MNF Bitch Slap”

The beginning starts with this display of sheer personal excitement for a meaningless play that Holmes obviously thought was much more important than the thousands in the stands, and the millions watching on ESPN did.  Nevertheless, he begins his routine after the play is whistled dead to draw attention to himself.

This does not exactly strike Mr. Barnes as an acceptable thing to do, therefore, the old adage of “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” proves once again to be true.  He begins to wind back his hand, open-fist of course, for the classic bitch slap to take place.

Barnes connects perfectly with the bitch slap as if to say “that shit don’t fly around here young buck” to his victim in the process.

Who knows, maybe Holmes was a habitual line-stepper.  Maybe…Just maybe…Barnes aprroached this Steeler and said the following right before he smacked the shit out of him “Chaaaaarlie Murphhhy…what did the 5 fingas…say to the face???  SMACK!!! Cold bloooded”


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