T.O. Needs Another Kleenex

After a piss poor day against Washington, the good old bitchin, whinin, complainin T.O. we all love to hate made a comeback.  I mean seriously, how long did all of us expect the team-first, put everyone else in front of me this year T.O. to really last?  He did in San Francisco, he did in Philly, and it was only a matter of time before the bitchin started in Dallas.  After the Redskins game this Sunday, Owens said the following to the media:

“Everybody recognized I wasn’t getting the ball in the first half,” Owens said. “People in the stands recognized it. I think my team recognized it.”

“I get frustrated when I don’t get the ball,” Owens said. “They are being physical … I’ve just got to find away to get off the ball. There was a lot of tugging and holding. I’ve just got to fight through. I just leave it up the official to call it if they see it. There is no secret, when I get the ball, things move, we move the chains, If not, you see the stagnant in our offense.”

Cry me a river, you and your ego get paid $25 million over three years regardless if you make a damn catch or not.  Maybe for his next celebration he could have Drew Rosenhaus bring out an oversized box of Kleenexs to wipe away all those tears he’s been cryin out here lately.  Its either about people talkin shit about Romo (“that’s my teammate..sniff sniff…thats my quarterback”) or about him not getting the ball enough…whats it gonna be next?  People not buying enough Muscle and Fitness magazines with you as the cover boy?


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