Grow Up Chad Johnson!

We all remember this day, well at least I do.  The day when the Big Ego TO scored in Texas stadium and ran back to the Star and stood in the middle.  That didn’t sit to well with the Cowboys as one of the players ran and tackled him at mid field.

Now a few years later another Big Ego player promises to do the same thing.  He goes by the name of Ocho Cinco, Chad Ocho Cinco.  He was quoted this morning, ” when I score I will Kiss the star.”  I’m sure that will be used as fuel for the fire to the Cowboy Defense.  Not that they need to be to fired up as Chad Johnson has only scored 1 TD all year and his starting QB may not be playing in this game.  Chad has put up pitiful numbers this year with 11 catches and 116 yards.  I know I have him on my Fantasy team.

Chad did also say that he has got to step up to help this team win but I think he picked the wrong week to piss off the Cowboys.  They are in my opinion the best team in the NFL and they will be coming off a loss against a division rival.

Mr. Ocho Cinco, please think before you speak next time.  You are a below avg receiver this year compared to the league standards andyour starting QB is hurt.  You are attempting to follow in the foot steps of a receiver that wines and complains as much as you but yet he can back it up each and every week.  TO’s best game this year is better than your whole season.  So when and IF you score act like you have done it before and show some respect.  You have nothing to celebrate about.


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