Gamblers Face-Off: Week 6

We are starting a new section to the site where the writers pick 5 college football games that they consider a lock against the spread where at least 1 top 25 team is playing.  The games will be based on Yahoo Sports point spreads, and the winner will get to write a post about the losers every week.  It is entirely up to you whether or not to use our advice on actual gambling or not, but I did hear Justin claim that Brandon Lang doesn’t have shit on him. 

Derek’s Picks

Kansas to cover – 12 against Iowa State

Texas Tech to cover – 7.5 against Kansas State

Missouri to cover -10.5 against Nebraska

Oregon to cover +16.5 against USC

Penn St to cover -13 against Purdue

Justin’s Picks

Utah St to cover +29 against BYU

Texas Tech to cover -7.5 against Kansas State

Auburn to cover -4 against Vanderbilt

Texas to cover -13 against Colorado

Oklahoma to cover -26.5 against Baylor

Let the games begin…


One Response to Gamblers Face-Off: Week 6

  1. jrwojdylo says:

    gotta enjoy friendly betting; I am actually 30-19-2 against the spread this year. my picks are at if youd like to check it out. i am willing to have some friendly competition if you’d like

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