Ranked Teams Struggle On Thursday Night

Once again on a Thursday night a ranked team goes down.  I started noticing it last year when #2 South Florida lost.  This year it picked up where it left off with #24 South Carolina losing to Vandy.  After watching that game I didn’t think much of it because South Carolina always blows it against someone, but a couple of weeks later WVU bites the dust against Colorado and starts a string of top 10 losses.  USC gets beat by Oregon St and last night #10 South Florida loosing to I think an underrated PITT team. 

With a new coach and coming off the pounding they received by East Carolina, WVU faced Colorado on a Thursday night.  Looked at by some as a night where WVU could get it back on track.  Well that didn’t happen as they let one slip by them and started the first of 3 straight Thursday nights upsets.

Next in line was the all mighty USC Trojans.  No one expected them to lose, especially coming off a bye and after the ass kicking they put on ” The Ohio State University “.  Well they did to a unexpected Oregon St team that has seemed to have their way with the national powerhouse over the last couple of years.

Last night it was USF.  There was alot of talk about how South Florida has matured and grown up this year.  They know how to handle being ranked and don’t talk about it alot cause it is something they expect, and last night under the lights with the everyone watching they came up short against PITT.

I’m not sure what it is about Thursday nights. Maybe the coach preparing them too much for the spotlight or not enough in a short week.  Either way it is now known that no team is safe on a Thursday night.  Whether you are ranked or not, be prepared and be ready to play some football. Everyone is watching.


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