Kimbo Got Sliced

Kimbo usually scares the shit out of people faster than laxatives, apparently Seth Petruzelli didn’t get the memo.  It took only 14 seconds for the fight to be called last night when Kimbo got hit with an unexpected jab followed up by Petruzelli haymakers to seal the deal.  I kept thinking is this the same Kimbo Slice I used to watch on YouTube?  The same Kimbo that looked like he could run through a brick wall headfirst? The same Kimbo that tackled that kid 6 feet into the ground?  It sure as hell didn’t look like it.  He looked like an unprepared has-been that expected to win the fight by his name and not by hist fists.  14 seconds…are you shitting me??? I’m fairly certain I heard the crowd chant “refund, refund, refund” afterwards.


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