San Diego Is No Longer a Big Deal

The Chargers have been seriously struggling this season.  After a last-second loss to Carolina in week 1, a monumental referree fuck up in week 2 against Denver, and now an embarassing loss to Miami, the sun isn’t shining too bright in San Diego.  Did losing Shawne Merriman and Lorenzo Neal really make that big of a difference with this team?  LT has been shut down, Gates isn’t himself, and the defense is mediocre at best.  This team fired former coach Marty Shottenheimer a few years back while calling a 14-2 season a disappointment.  Norv Turner comes in and brings his history of sucking ass with him.  He turns the best rushing attack in the NFL into a forgotten afterthought to defensive coordinators.  He relies solely on Phillip Rivers to move the offense and score points when he looks like he just left Derek Zoolander’s Center For Kid’s Who Can’t Read Good…

You know the fans have to be getting very impatient with the Chargers’ performance thus far.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see people take it to the streets and fight to the death with oppsing fans, or just Ed Hochuli if he’s ever spotted in city limits.  During this time of chaos and disorder where the bullshit seems to be knee deep, remember this Chargers fans…in the words of the great Ron Burgundy “Stay classy San Diego,” even when your city is named after a whales vagina.


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