Some People Just Don’t Learn

Once again Pac-man is in trouble.  Right when you get the slightest feeling he might have turned the corner, he punches the one person that is there to protect him.   He was playing well for the Cowboys. He had cut his locks and did away with “Pac-man” but evidently that didn’t make his ass any smarter.  If the Cowboys just didn’t lose there Pro Bowl DB Terrence Newman, I would vote to give his ass the slip and not even pay for the bus ticket back to the house.

From the Dallas News

“Deputy Chief Vince Golbeck, commander of the central patrol division, said officers were called to the Joule about 1:30 a.m. and were told there was a disturbance between Adam Jones and one of his security officers. Golbeck said officers believed Adam Jones was drinking and that he may have stayed at the hotel.”

Luckily for Adam he did not press charges and as far as I can tell the team has not commented on the situation, so there is no telling how the team will choose to handle this.


One Response to Some People Just Don’t Learn

  1. DAVID CREWS says:

    I love to play the pac-man game. My girlfriend has played that game too.

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