Im Struggling

to accept the fact that Brandon Tate is done for the season.  This is the first time since 2001 that the Heels have been ranked, much less a chance to win the ACC.  I have loved this season, watching my team grow and become a team that people can’t just look over or around anymore.  With a young defense that loves to fly to the ball and smack people in the mouth, and an offense that can strike at anytime.  I didn’t think we would still be in this situation after TJ Yates went down for 6 weeks.  I sure hope Brooks Foster ( we went to the same high school ) and the other receivers can step up and fill that spot like Cam did.

Brandon, I hate this more for you than anything else since this was your senior year.  But Im sure you will be on the sidelines each and every week coaching and pumping up your team.  Good Luck Tarheels.


3 Responses to Im Struggling

  1. AV says:

    he wears my old high school teammates college number at carolina….Ryan Sims…

  2. DAVID CREWS says:

    I think that N.C. will NOT go to a bowl game this year. They suck.

  3. Sleazy E says:

    AND THIS FUCKING COMMENT comes from a COCK fan? Whether he is a fan of said Gamecocks or the fleshy, veiney, purple headed yogurt slinger (GO MOX!!), this man thinks that at the beginning of the year, he and Spurrier sit down for a Sunday brunch and a beer, then lay out the game plan. This man knows who squatted a french fry during the combines. He knows about the sophmore from Hillbilly Hill High School that has VERBALLY committed to Spurrier. This man thinks that every year SC should be ranked at least top 10, only to lose to Vandy, (yeah I said it) or their other stronger more qualified SEC conference teams. I say to you sir, any man that wears a I love the Cocks hat, needs to move to San Fran and become the next male Runway model.

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