Gambler’s Face-Off: Week 8

Ashley joins the pick-em contest 2 weeks late…we thought about making him start 0-10 since he could’nt get anything going for 2 weeks straight, but we’re going to allow him to make 7 picks each week instead of 5 to try and make up some ground. 

Derek’s Picks

Pittsburgh -3 vs Navy

Texas -5.5 vs Missouri

Utah -21 vs Colorado St

Wake Forest -2 vs Maryland

Oklahoma St -17 vs Baylor

Justin’s Picks

LSU -2.5 vs South Carolina

Missouri +5.5 vs Texas

Texas Tech -21 vs Texas A&M

Michigan +23.5 vs Penn St

Utah -21 vs Colorado St

Ashley’s Picks

Texas -5.5 vs Missouri

Michigan +23.5 vs Penn St

Pittsburgh -3 vs Navy

Alabama -13 vs Mississippi

Kansas +20.5 vs Oklahoma

North Carolina -4.5 vs Virginia

Vanderbilt +14.5 vs Georgia


One Response to Gambler’s Face-Off: Week 8

  1. Sleazy E says:

    First off, I am VERY suprised that two of you took the Penn State spread. Yes, I am a huge Penn state fan. I woulda sucked the fucking Dermabond offa Joe Pa’s fucked up leg last year if it would get him on the sidelines quicker. The man is a god among college football, hell as old as he is, him and god thought football up. Back to point, Penn state has lost the last 9 meetings. I might bet on the over, but fuck that point spread. Nothing would make me more happier that us shoving a foot up Michigan’s ass on our home turf, but I am going into this shit with a pesimistic mind. I did that with Wisconsin and evidently the Lions thought they were playing the Beavers, not the Badgers cause they was pounding that shit like a Peter North fuck-a-thon on Jenna Jameson. Gimmie the Conneticut/ Rutgers game, that is giving up only one point.

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