Canseco Regrets Writing “Juiced”

Canseco recently had an interview with A&E in which he tried to clear the air with all the players he tattle tailed on over the years in his books.  I mean seriously…who really buys this shit?  Everyone knows you realized you were a washed up has been and came up with another way to try to make a buck.  Even if that meant writing not one book, but 2, to try to give all of your readers the inside scoop on steriod abuse in baseball and the players involved.  Here is his direct quote from the interview:

“I should not have written that book,” said Canseco during an A&E Network one-hour documentary aptly titled Jose Canseco: The Last Shot. “The more I think about it the more I regret mentioning these players in my book because I admired them, I respected them.”  

I call bullshit! Everyone knows that it probably alienated you from all of your so-called buddies and teammates you had over the years, and now you have realized what you’ve done after the quick million you made with your books.  Everyone already knows you’re an over-confident self-indulged sorry sack of shit that has to come up with new ways to make your payments on your new Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Bentley before you go bankrupt again (we all remember Surreal Life too).  Enjoy your time trying to find your balls at your next routine physical Jose.


2 Responses to Canseco Regrets Writing “Juiced”

  1. Sleazy E says:

    HAHAHA!!!! Not only do we remember the Surreal Life, but I remember this bag o’ douche trying out boxing, MMA, or some shit like that. Like his days of wearing the ole wife beater and slapping his old ladies around, the roles were reversed when Sikahema put a bitch slapping up side his head for a first round knockout. You now fill the ranks of Kimo Slice, Peter “Hurricane” McNeely, and Tommy Morrison, TOTING AN ASS WHIPPIN!!! Hopefully, that shot to the head cleared his vision up, and he will no longer make it on Best Damn Sports Show’s dumb ass moves of the year. Way to give up that home run, you juiced up Ike Turner wanna be…..

  2. AV says:

    Sleazy E! FYI its “KimBo Slice..not Kimo.. still thinking of the guy who won your Super Bowl a few years ago? Kimo Von Oelhoffen?

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