Kicking Ain’t Easy!

Texas Tech has had some minor kicking issues this year.  They have tried 2 different kickers and they still have missed 6 PAT’s and half of their field goals.  I have seen a 9 year old kick a PAT.  That shit is pitiful, there should be no excuse for a missed PAT.  Field goals can be a little harder but they pay you to go to school and practice nothing but kicking.  One or two is fine but half is ridiculous.  They should be glad that they have a high powered offense to cover up there sorry ass kicking.

 Here comes Matt Williams to save the day.  He is the Tarleton State transfer student who won a month of free rent at the Tech/UMass game several weeks ago by kicking a 30-yard field goal at half time.  As he was walking off the field he was flagged down and told that Coach Leach wanted to meet with him.  After he passed that interview he was told Coach McGuire wanted to meet with him the following Monday.  If he accepts he could make his college football debut this weekend against Kansas. 

“I’ve seen that guy try one kick,” added Leach. “But the difference between his and the others is that they barely got off the ground. His got up right away.”   Take that comment how you want to but I will be watching and hoping he misses everything so Kansas can cover the spread.


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