A New Era In The Valley

October 14, 2008

yesterday I found myself, much like many other tiger fans across the nation, riding high on the news that some head-hunting was going down in tiger town and some long overdue house cleaning was being done. felt like justice… making people answer for the debauchery known as clemson football thus far. finally, things were gonna change and the tides were gonna turn, a good thing. senior qb cullen harper on the recent hiring of the new clemson head coach:

it’s what he deserved. dabo swinney is a fine man and will do an excellent job.

today, reading the newspaper I feel a sense of loss and sentiment for the past. over the last ten years clemson football went hand in hand with tommy bowden, and he represented the school well. he had solid recruiting classes that graduated students and stayed out of trouble off the field. ncaa probation was never associated with the program and his ethics were never questioned. with that we say goodbye to a man that leaves the football program in better shape than he found it, and thats what I’m struggling with. we found this posted on a board this morning and it gave me some closure on a day of change:

“and the lord showed moses the whole land, the promised land, and told him: ‘I will give this land to your descendants, and allow you to see it, but you will not be allowed to cross over into it.’ “

the comparison may be a little extreme, but there’s no denying that tommy bowden brought us to the edge of the promised land… three times in fact. but like the stiff-necked children of Israel we could never cross. we wandered in the desert, missing that one vital turn that would eventually get us where we knew we should be going. now tommy bowden will sit on his own mount nebo and watch as his own joshua leads the tribe. joshua, you may recall, did pretty well rallying the people of israel and finally moving to the promised land. but even as they celebrated and savored their new home, the children never forgot moses. sure, they cussed him for all he was worth in the desert. they bemoaned the wandering, the steady diet of manna. some even wondered if they were better off in the old days. moses got them where they were going. he built a nation from a fractured collection of families and handed them to a young leader who could take their new nation by storm. so as we celebrate the rise of dabo and resume our season with a new found glory and hope, take one last look back at mount nebo. for all our griping and grousing, for all the times we sighed on the journey, a great man watches as we march away.

now the tiger faithful get ready to start fresh… anxiety for the future and bittersweet memories of the past. go tigers!


James Davis for President

September 30, 2008

James Davis, soon to be the all time leading rusher at Clemson University.  Hes a major in Sociology and from what I have seen in interviews is a well spoken young man.  In a interview with The State before the Maryland game he was asked 5  questions one being

Q: The presidential race, Obama or McCain?

A: Obama. Really, I didn’t even know who he was going against, but that’s the only one I hear about

Well James, Clemson has beat a few teams this year I just can’t remember who they are.

Clemson Coaching, So Easy Even a Caveman Could Do It!

September 29, 2008

With a preseason # 9 Ranking and on paper one of the most talented teams in the nation a caveman could not have screwed this up more.  But with Tommy as the head coach, Clemson fans seem to be getting used to it.  Even though I was keeping up with the Tarheels beating Miami on my phone, I was there to witness this 2nd half meltdown Clemson fans have come to expect.  In the first half Clemson looked like a power house winning 17-6, while only giving up those 6 points on a fumbled punt and backwards pass.  The defense looked great and offense looked unstoppable with 195 yards rushing in the first half.

Im not sure what happened at half time but from what I could tell there was no coaching involved.  I think it went like this.

” Way to go team you ran the same 2 plays over and over and made me look so good.  That bubble screen and shotgun hand off worked great.  Assistant coaches do whatever you do, Im going to leave so I can go eat a Bratsworth and a non alcoholic beer before we go back out.”

I just don’t understand what it will take for them to fire Tommy.  No Tommy didn’t fumble the punt and no Tommy didn’t throw the pass behind the line but Tommy also didn’t prepare his team and light a fire under there ass at half time.  Next time he should send his team into the video conference room and make a call to Dr. Lou, it can’t get any worse.