Kicking Ain’t Easy!

October 23, 2008

Texas Tech has had some minor kicking issues this year.  They have tried 2 different kickers and they still have missed 6 PAT’s and half of their field goals.  I have seen a 9 year old kick a PAT.  That shit is pitiful, there should be no excuse for a missed PAT.  Field goals can be a little harder but they pay you to go to school and practice nothing but kicking.  One or two is fine but half is ridiculous.  They should be glad that they have a high powered offense to cover up there sorry ass kicking.

 Here comes Matt Williams to save the day.  He is the Tarleton State transfer student who won a month of free rent at the Tech/UMass game several weeks ago by kicking a 30-yard field goal at half time.  As he was walking off the field he was flagged down and told that Coach Leach wanted to meet with him.  After he passed that interview he was told Coach McGuire wanted to meet with him the following Monday.  If he accepts he could make his college football debut this weekend against Kansas. 

“I’ve seen that guy try one kick,” added Leach. “But the difference between his and the others is that they barely got off the ground. His got up right away.”   Take that comment how you want to but I will be watching and hoping he misses everything so Kansas can cover the spread.


Texas A&M Needs Help

October 17, 2008

Theres been some damn good football going on in the state of Texas here lately, particularly at the quarterback position.  Colt McCoy just had a big win against the previously ranked #1 Oklahoma Sooners, and its just in that Graham Harrell just went over 52,000 passing yards for the season.  TCU has been a dark horse so far this season and proved their white boys were better that BYU’s white boys this past Thursday night.  So what about Texas A&M?  Surely in Texas, where football is a religion…where the whole damn town closes on saturdays to go to the game…there is enough support and talent to go around for the Aggies to have at least some success right?  Wrong.  The season opener was against Arkansas St…Arkansas fuckin State…a team Texas A&M should plow into the ground.  Instead, they open with an embarrassing loss at home which alluded to what is to come in the mighty Big 12 conference for them this year.  The Aggies and their 12th man fans have been man-handled by teams of late…most notably giving up 56 points to Oklahoma State 2 weeks ago.  I could have sworn I heard Aggies coah Mike Sherman yelling “don’t pick on my kids…pick on me.  I’m a man, I’m 40!!!” after the loss in College Station.

While the Aggies continue to hear “hook ’em horns” and “get yer guns up” from those other Texas schools that are wreaking havoc in the Big12 this year, they have to be wondering when things are going to turn around for them.  They are currently sitting at 0-2 in conference play, 2-4 overall this season.  Their only wins coming against powerhouses New Mexico and Army.  Who is going to be able to come in and do some damage to pull them out of the shithole they’re living in right now?  I have an answer…

Thats right…none other than Mr. Paul Blake!  Heres the good news:  He’s been throwing footballs through tires and hitting scarecrows in the numbers since ’88, so you can bet your left nut he’s accurate.  Somehow he’s managed to rack up a baker’s dozen of years eligible to play college football, and he still has a few left in the tank.  He doesn’t take shit from anyone on the field or off…not even from flat top.  He’s durable, and for some reason that seems to only increase with age.  He’s been know to take a sack or a right hook to the face and keep on truckin.  And despite his skin color, he is in fact a dual threat quarterback.

So here’s what you need to do Mike Sherman…you need to get off your ass, put on some wranglers, rent a Jeep and go out to God’s Country to find Paul Blake.  He will most likely resist at first sayin he’s got more import things to do…like pick up cowshit and bail hay.  But the secret to pulling him in is this…tell him you have Coach “Straight Arrow” Gennerro’s playbook. Gets him everytime.

A New Era In The Valley

October 14, 2008

yesterday I found myself, much like many other tiger fans across the nation, riding high on the news that some head-hunting was going down in tiger town and some long overdue house cleaning was being done. felt like justice… making people answer for the debauchery known as clemson football thus far. finally, things were gonna change and the tides were gonna turn, a good thing. senior qb cullen harper on the recent hiring of the new clemson head coach:

it’s what he deserved. dabo swinney is a fine man and will do an excellent job.

today, reading the newspaper I feel a sense of loss and sentiment for the past. over the last ten years clemson football went hand in hand with tommy bowden, and he represented the school well. he had solid recruiting classes that graduated students and stayed out of trouble off the field. ncaa probation was never associated with the program and his ethics were never questioned. with that we say goodbye to a man that leaves the football program in better shape than he found it, and thats what I’m struggling with. we found this posted on a board this morning and it gave me some closure on a day of change:

“and the lord showed moses the whole land, the promised land, and told him: ‘I will give this land to your descendants, and allow you to see it, but you will not be allowed to cross over into it.’ “

the comparison may be a little extreme, but there’s no denying that tommy bowden brought us to the edge of the promised land… three times in fact. but like the stiff-necked children of Israel we could never cross. we wandered in the desert, missing that one vital turn that would eventually get us where we knew we should be going. now tommy bowden will sit on his own mount nebo and watch as his own joshua leads the tribe. joshua, you may recall, did pretty well rallying the people of israel and finally moving to the promised land. but even as they celebrated and savored their new home, the children never forgot moses. sure, they cussed him for all he was worth in the desert. they bemoaned the wandering, the steady diet of manna. some even wondered if they were better off in the old days. moses got them where they were going. he built a nation from a fractured collection of families and handed them to a young leader who could take their new nation by storm. so as we celebrate the rise of dabo and resume our season with a new found glory and hope, take one last look back at mount nebo. for all our griping and grousing, for all the times we sighed on the journey, a great man watches as we march away.

now the tiger faithful get ready to start fresh… anxiety for the future and bittersweet memories of the past. go tigers!

Wanna Wear A Struggle?

October 14, 2008

Shame-U is a site that has all kinds of awesome shirts to wear on gameday that does the talkin without the talkin.  I saw this site after visiting their blog, Michigan Girls are Fat, and was cracking up over some of their shirts. Pretty good stuff, check it out if you wanna talk a little smack on Saturdays.

Here’s some of their shirts…

Im Struggling

October 13, 2008

to accept the fact that Brandon Tate is done for the season.  This is the first time since 2001 that the Heels have been ranked, much less a chance to win the ACC.  I have loved this season, watching my team grow and become a team that people can’t just look over or around anymore.  With a young defense that loves to fly to the ball and smack people in the mouth, and an offense that can strike at anytime.  I didn’t think we would still be in this situation after TJ Yates went down for 6 weeks.  I sure hope Brooks Foster ( we went to the same high school ) and the other receivers can step up and fill that spot like Cam did.

Brandon, I hate this more for you than anything else since this was your senior year.  But Im sure you will be on the sidelines each and every week coaching and pumping up your team.  Good Luck Tarheels.

Go Big Blue!!

October 13, 2008

With a streak of 33 straight Bowl appearances on the line and Motor City Bowl officials on hand, Michigan goes out and looks like shit against Toledo.  Yes Michigan lost Jake Long, Chad Henne, and Mike Hart but with a new coach this is not what Michigan had in mind.  This is not the debut Rich Rodriguez had pictured in his head when he signed a 5 million dollar per year contract.  Yes they were playing Toledo, but it was a must win for Michigan and in front of the home crowd they choke 13-10.

Michigan does not have it easy if they want to keep their bowl streak alive.  With games against Penn State, Michigan St and Ohio St, I would say they are done for the year.  The other games are against Northwestern, Purdue, Minnesota, which compared to Toledo are much better football teams.  So the future is not looking too bright.  Rich better hope he has a great recruiting class coming in.  I also bet he cries at night wishing Travelle Pryor had signed with Michigan.

But no matter what happens Michigan fans will always be Michigan fans.

Succop Sucked It Up Today

October 11, 2008

Who once was Mr. Reliable turned in his worst game as a Gamecock against Kentucky this Saturday.  Succop went 1-5 in field goals on the day, the last one being a chip shot to make it a 2 posession game with under 2 minutes left.  Thats 12 unaccounted for points left off the scoreboard all due to Mr. Succop’s mind games. I have to admit, I almost expected the last miss after the day he had…and thats pathetic for the best kicker in the SEC (11-14 on the year coming into this game).  

Theres been talk that his bad day was attributed to an abdominal strain, but thats a little hard to believe when he kicked the ball to the back of the endzone everytime on kickoffs.  I hope he gets his shit together before the LSU game, because South Carolina will need all the points they can get next week.