What’s Grinding My Gears

October 15, 2008

this is a new post that we are going to try to get out weekly, but me being a slacker you never know so we will take it week to week. just a chance for me to gripe about whatever may be grating on my nerves at the time. you may agree, you may not, and I will accept that. so here we go and let me know what you think.

if nfl players are not classy enough to announce the college they attended during the player introductions, don’t let them talk… or better yet, stop the intros all together. who gives a rat’s ass where morten old man river anderson played college ball, at some point it becomes irrelevant. but if this is a necessary evil please acknowledge the school that gave you an education and allowed you to make the leap to the nfl. show some respect to the loyal college fans that most likely paid for your scholarship and were at every game whether you were played or not. if you did not get much playing time in college, it tells me one of two things, either you were not the best player at that position therefore you did not deserve to be on the field…or you were good enough but did not show your ability. this lets me know¬†its not about the love of the game its about the love of money. these type of people are the reason the country is where it is now.