Should be Demoted!

October 3, 2008


This should be the time of the week when you get to read a post from this below average contributor pictured above.  When we started this site it was suppose to be 3 guys writing about people or teams that are struggling.  Well if you have visited this site before you can tell its only been 2.  This piss poor performance has gotten Mr. Burns demoted from Author to Below Average Contributor at Best ( can be seen under Who We Are. )  After a couple of weeks of trying to get this site going Derek and I came to the conclusion that if Ashley doesn’t want to try and keep up with this site he should at least post once a week of what ” What Grinds My Gears “.  That way he can write about anything that gets him ” a little Squirly ” or in Lehman’s terms gets under his skin. 

He hasn’t even come up with anything to write about for today and that my friends ” Grinds my Gears. ”  He is, ” the last puzzle to the piece” and needs to man up and write something thats worthy of this site.  At least make an attempt and talk to someone and as he would say ” find out what kind of yarn they’re spinning” so he can come up with a topic to write about. 

I filled his slot this week but next week neither one of us will do so.  Its now or never Mr. Burns, stop struggling and contibrute.