Canseco Regrets Writing “Juiced”

October 23, 2008

Canseco recently had an interview with A&E in which he tried to clear the air with all the players he tattle tailed on over the years in his books.  I mean seriously…who really buys this shit?  Everyone knows you realized you were a washed up has been and came up with another way to try to make a buck.  Even if that meant writing not one book, but 2, to try to give all of your readers the inside scoop on steriod abuse in baseball and the players involved.  Here is his direct quote from the interview:

“I should not have written that book,” said Canseco during an A&E Network one-hour documentary aptly titled Jose Canseco: The Last Shot. “The more I think about it the more I regret mentioning these players in my book because I admired them, I respected them.”  

I call bullshit! Everyone knows that it probably alienated you from all of your so-called buddies and teammates you had over the years, and now you have realized what you’ve done after the quick million you made with your books.  Everyone already knows you’re an over-confident self-indulged sorry sack of shit that has to come up with new ways to make your payments on your new Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Bentley before you go bankrupt again (we all remember Surreal Life too).  Enjoy your time trying to find your balls at your next routine physical Jose.


The Audacity Of Hope?

October 8, 2008

Judging by this shirt it’s not looking too good for Obama come November.  Im not much for politics, but I can imagine how funny it would be to get a group of people together to buy this shirt and head to the voting booths. 

Originally posted on Homerderby:

If these T-Shirt makers wanted Barack Obama to be President of the United States, they wouldn’t have put Obama’s likeness anywhere near anything even remotely related to the Cubs – because as we all know – anything related to the Cubs seems to wither and die come Autumn.

One more thing to add to this…how funny is it that the Cubs actually had the balls to preprint world series tickets for the games at Wrigley?? That worked out didn’t it

Tale of Two Seasons

October 6, 2008

Once again the Cubs choke in the Post season.  I don’t really watch a lot of baseball, but I did watch enough to know this should have been the year.  This was the year the Cubs were going to win the World Series.  The best team in baseball entering the playoffs against the Dodgers.

The Dodgers showed up to play and luckily for them the Cubs didn’t.  You would think the Cubs would win at least one game being the team they were in the regular season but that wasn’t the case.  The Cubs didn’t even make it a series and got swept in 3 games.  They didn’t just loose they got killed in all 3 games, being out scored 20 – 6.

It’s not a stinkin’ curse, folks. It’s just another stinkin’ choke job by a franchise that officially has entered its next 100 years of failing when games matter most.

George Brett Needs Some Huggies

September 22, 2008

Apparently George Brett shits himself on a regular basis, and is proud of it. He approached a teammate recently and said the following:

“I’m good twice a year for that. When’s the last time you shit your pants?”

And then, without skipping a beat, he closes the conversation with:

“It was the most perfect double-tapered shit of my life … who are the pitchers in this game?”

Who can forget his pinetar temper tantrum where he said “if they take this homerun away from me I’m going nuclear”, maybe that was just a bad case of IBS. Hell if I had the same problem I’d be pissed about it too.

What does $207 million buy you these days? A seat on the couch for the playoffs…

September 12, 2008

$207 million….TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN FREAKIN MILLION DOLLARS. Thats what George Steinbrenner paid for his Yankees in 2008 in hopes of capturing another ring this year. Well George, its midway through September and your investment is 8.5 games out of the AL wild card, 11 games out of the division! Look at this payroll breakdown…

Look at the poor baby…what the hell do you have to cry about A-Rod?? You’re making $28 million for being mediocre. You and your Damn Yankees are struggling!